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Boneless, marinated and grilled leg of lamb

Boneless, marinated and grilled leg of lamb

Video Recipe - My favorite recipe for leg of lamb. The best taste and fairly quick preparation. What's not to love about it? The marinade and grilling results in a very good and strong flavor. The trick is that a the leg gets more surface when the bone is removed. And the surface is of course where most of the flavor is.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Boning and Butterflying a Leg Of Lamb
Video Recipe - Typically we fry a leg of lamb whole. Because it's the easiest to do. But a really good trick is to debone and butterfly it. You can cook it a lot faster then. The flattened shape also gives more room for a browned surface. You will also get more of that smoky barbecued flavor all oever the meat. Or you can roll them into a meat roll with marinade inside, so you get the marinade flavor onto all of the meat.
Potato Rosti - Swiss Potato Pancakes - Pommes Rösti
Video Recipe - Rösti are made with cooked potatoes, so I use it often as "leftovers" instead of the typical fried potatoes, hash and so on. But it is an accessory that everyone likes, and it has the advantage that you can add bacon, onion, cheese, apple or fresh herb. Which promises it over the other simple potato dishes.
Kvalitella - Because it rhymes with homemade Nutella
Video Recipe - My own recipe for a sweet hazel-nutty-chocolate'y spread. I don't think I have to tell you what it can be used for ...
Pan Fried Potatoes - Cottage Potatoes
Cottage potatoes are raw potatoes that are cooked in a frying pan. It's a good way to fry 2-4 servings of potatoes. However, it is not a good way to cook large quantities of potatoes. If they lie in layers on the pan, then the upper potatoes are cooked, and the bottom ones are in high risk of burning. There may be raw potatoes, hidden among the other ones and that can really make pan fried potatoes into a sad affair. Otherwise, you must use a really long frying time on large portions to be sure that all the potatoes are tender. At the risk of some getting burned. So here are my tips for making them.
Homemade popcorn
Video Recipe - One of the best snacks you can, well snack on, is also one of the easiest to make yourself. If you make them yourself, they are also much better than the ones you buy pre-popped. Warm and fresh. Maybe even made with clarified butter instead of oil. I get so sad when I see someone buying popcorn in bags from the supermarket when the homemade ones are twice as good. Maybe they are even 3.1415 times better !? So make them yourself ... right? Please!

Random kvalifood - totally random ...

Pizza #4 - Slowly fermented pizza dough - Wet - No Knead
The best pizza base with the large air holes in the crust and lots of flavor is undoubtedly the wet long-risen dough. It is also easy to make. Do not knead anything. But you need to start your day in advance if you need to reach it.
Cold Carrot Soup with Whipped Cream
This might sound like an odd concoction, but the lightly spiced carrot soup and the cold whipped cream supplements each other perfectly. It is very nice as a starter or as just a part of a starter.
Peanut sauce is not very well known in Denmark. It is an Asian recipe that is just as good on steamed vegetables on white meat. I use it mostly, however, as a dressing for cooked and steamed vegetables.
"This is it. you hereby get my recipe for gingerbread biscuits. The recipe is over a 100 years old." My sister in law announced one day. I was a bit shell shocked. It had taken me almost all of those 100 years to pry the recipe from her:-S But now that I have it, I am happy to share this recipe. it is awesome!
Æbleskiver - Aebleskiver - Apple Slices - American pancakes - pancake cake
Video Recipe - Classic Nordic food. A round cake baked in a special pan, that all Scandinavians know and love. At least all Danes. Good with both icing sugar, jam or syrup. The same recipe can be used to make the small thick American pancakes you always see eaten on tv and films. You can also use it to make a layer cake with.
Fake Sauce - Dirty Tricks of the Sauce Trade
As the Danish cuisine is partly inspired by the French, stocks and sauces form the base of many dishes. So most Danes love a good sauce. Unfortunately, there is not the same love for cooking a stock and spending a long time on it. This is a recipe for a "fake" sauce which you can make quickly, and which tastes like an *ok* gravy. But more importantly, each ingredient can be used to improve other sauces. So you can make a weak sauce much better. I also explain what each ingredient does for the sauce, and explain a lot about taste in the process.
Knife handling
Article with video - Once you get the basic gist of it, knife handling and prep work is very relaxing. You don't have to think much and you are still making food. When it comes to knife handling and vegetables you basically repeat the same 5 steps. When you know those, it is simple to cut almost any kind of vegetable.
Homemade toffee - fudge - caramel sauce for ice cream
The best thing about homemade toffee/caramels, besides the taste, is that you can make them as soft as you prefer. Even soft enough that they won't pull out your fillings :-S Also, caramel sauce is amazingly popular for ice cream. I actually thought it was just kids who wanted it. Until one day I made it for the entire family ... this recipe good for both caramels and caramel sauce.
Danish pastry made with butter - "A Danish" with cream or jam (spandauer)
Video Recipe - My favorite cake when it comes to danish pastry is the "Spandauer", or as they are known abroad "A Danish". This is how you can make them at home.
Pizza #2 - Tomato Vegetable Sauce for Pizza and Pasta
A good tomato sauce can make all the difference. Whether it is for covering a pizza base or to put on a portion of pasta. You can find recipes online with oven roasted tomatoes, cheese and wine. A sauce does not those to be good. My recipe is simple, but there is also a few "secrets" hiding in it.
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