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Cream puffs - Eclairs - Profit Roles of choux pastry

Cream puffs - Eclairs - Profit Roles of choux pastry

Video Recipe - The dough used for baking cream puffs, eclairs and profit roles is called a "choux" dough in French. The interesting thing about it is that you cook it in a sauce pan, and then mix in the eggs. The dough has the special feature that it largely becomes only crust when you bake it. So there is room for a lot of fillings. Although I have also seen it just covered with icing and used gingerbread man.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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All about vanilla egg creams and custards
Video Recipe - Eggs, for me, is one of the most fascinating cooking ingredients that exist. They are used both in the savoury and the sweet cuisine, and has been part of our diet always. They are healthy, they taste good and they are cheap. Especially for the creamy stuff eggs are indispensable. Since it is a subject that is dear to my heart, I thought I had better write an article about "eggs in soft mixtures".
Vanilla Ice, Basic Recipe - Simple Yet Very Good
Video Recipe - Vanilla Ice to me, is the "real" ice cream. Everything else is just decoration. I have made for many years and have tried countless recipes and methods. So I, I have finally found one basic recipe that is really good, but may be varied widely as needed. And withtime I have gotten an understanding of what to change in an ice cream recipe to make to your wish. And I'm not afraid to share my secrets.
Æbleskiver - Aebleskiver - Apple Slices - American pancakes - pancake cake
Video Recipe - Classic Nordic food. A round cake baked in a special pan, that all Scandinavians know and love. At least all Danes. Good with both icing sugar, jam or syrup. The same recipe can be used to make the small thick American pancakes you always see eaten on tv and films. You can also use it to make a layer cake with.
Manhattan Style American Cheesecake
Cheese cake - An American cheesecake is made from real cream cheese, and in contrast to the "cheese cake" we usually eat in Denmark it is baked. It's not a cake I bake very often for only the family. It is a dense and heavy cake where a single piece or two generally is enough. So a whole cheesecake never gets eaten here. But it is a fantastic cake. Especially when there are guests to share with.
Fried rice with egg and chicken (or other meat)
Video Recipe - It is a dish that only takes 10 minutes to make. So it is fast and it tastes really well. An Asian classic that we eat too little of here in Denmark. Potatoes and meat is typical of the danish leftover dish "biksemad/pyttipanna". Rice and meat leftovers is in this Asian equivalent.

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Homemade Hard Ricotta (Paneer)
Video Recipe - Cheese production seems like something dark and mysterious. But it really is not. Especially the cheeses that does not have to be aged can be easily made at home. The Italian Ricotta and its cousin, the Indian Paneer, are both very easy to make, and incredibly useful for cooking.
Danish pastry - base recipe - danish pastry bar
Video recipe - Danish pastry is well known and well loved all over the world. And it is very good. But you can actually make your own danish that has an even higher quality that the one you can get from danish bakers. My father in law who is a skilled baker gave me this recipe. I have changed a few things in it though. His version used a special "folding margarine" I have replaced that with real butter, and that does wonder for the taste. But no matter what, it is difficult get a better cake than danish pastry. Which we incidently call "viennese bread" in Denmark :-S
1-2-3 Nüsli - Pure Nut Granola - Paleo Müesli
Video Recipe - A müesli without oatmeal is a pure luxury. It is easy to make and it tastes good to boot. However, it is an advantage if you are able to use a kitchen machine with a vegetable slicer. Otherwise, it will take its own sweet time.
Prawns a la Rogacki - King prawns with Pine nuts
Though I live in Denmark I visit Berlin very often. One of my favourite places there is the street restaurant Rogacki. It's very noisy, you stand up and eat and the food is made right next to you. It is a wonderful place! One of my favourites there is "Garnelen mit pinienkernen". I have tried to copy it here, and I believe I am pretty close.
Make a Sourdough Starter
Video recipe - It is easy to make your own sourdough. Despite the fact that most people around the world have only heard about this mysterious thing called "homemade bread based on sourdough". The problem is almost always to get started. To make the sourdough. But it is not hard, and it is something we do routinely here in denmark, where most of the bread we eat is sourdough ryebread.
A spicy sweet fruit sauce. It is very well known in England, and is especially suitable for charcuterie.
Poire Belle-Hélène - Pears Cooked in Red Wine
I got them once somewhere in France I think. It was before the Internet and I did not have the recipe. But I liked them so much that I made a similar recipe. I usually only eat them in the fall when pears are in season. And a little cinnamon and cloves reminds me that Christmas will soon be upon us.
Chocolate Mousse - no cream
Video Recipe - What could possibly be better than chocolate? Chocolate whipped up with eggs to a fluffy mixture with whipped cream on top ... of course. Good in a large bowl. Good in portions. Good!
Bread Baking Technique #10 - The technique behind laminated dough used for pastry, puff pastry, croissant, etc.
Laminated bread is made by making a normal bun dough and then folding it in layers with butter in between. There are different ways to do this. Using croissants and other types of bread as examples I show here what results the different methods will yield. This should enable you to "understand" laminated bread instead of just following a recipe.
Homemade almond flour
Almond flour is useful in many recipes. Homemade marzipan, petit fours, French macaroons, pie bottoms, paleo cooking etc. It is a little time consuming, but simple enough to make with a blender or coffee grinder.
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