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Grilled Saddle of lamb (Double Loin)

Grilled Saddle of lamb (Double Loin)

Video Recipe - Roast lamb in the oven, or grilled in Weber grill. It is not very difficult to roast a whole lamb. Neither the oven or grill. In turn, arouses the always enthusiastic to wear such a large piece of meat on the table and cut it up there.


I am currently translating the recipes from my danish site as quickly as possible.

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Cream puffs - Eclairs - Profit Roles of choux pastry
Video Recipe - The dough used for baking cream puffs, eclairs and profit roles is called a "choux" dough in French. The interesting thing about it is that you cook it in a sauce pan, and then mix in the eggs. The dough has the special feature that it largely becomes only crust when you bake it. So there is room for a lot of fillings. Although I have also seen it just covered with icing and used gingerbread man.
All about vanilla egg creams and custards
Video Recipe - Eggs, for me, is one of the most fascinating cooking ingredients that exist. They are used both in the savoury and the sweet cuisine, and has been part of our diet always. They are healthy, they taste good and they are cheap. Especially for the creamy stuff eggs are indispensable. Since it is a subject that is dear to my heart, I thought I had better write an article about "eggs in soft mixtures".
Vanilla Ice, Basic Recipe - Simple Yet Very Good
Video Recipe - Vanilla Ice to me, is the "real" ice cream. Everything else is just decoration. I have made for many years and have tried countless recipes and methods. So I, I have finally found one basic recipe that is really good, but may be varied widely as needed. And withtime I have gotten an understanding of what to change in an ice cream recipe to make to your wish. And I'm not afraid to share my secrets.
Æbleskiver - Aebleskiver - Apple Slices - American pancakes - pancake cake
Video Recipe - Classic Nordic food. A round cake baked in a special pan, that all Scandinavians know and love. At least all Danes. Good with both icing sugar, jam or syrup. The same recipe can be used to make the small thick American pancakes you always see eaten on tv and films. You can also use it to make a layer cake with.
Manhattan Style American Cheesecake
Cheese cake - An American cheesecake is made from real cream cheese, and in contrast to the "cheese cake" we usually eat in Denmark it is baked. It's not a cake I bake very often for only the family. It is a dense and heavy cake where a single piece or two generally is enough. So a whole cheesecake never gets eaten here. But it is a fantastic cake. Especially when there are guests to share with.

Random kvalifood - totally random ...

Bouquet Garni
It is a part of many recipes, but it is rarely described in depth just exactly what a "bouquet" is. Bouquet garni means "a bundle of herbs". There may be several different kinds of herbs in it. The classical version consist only of parsley, thyme and bay leaves. The typical mistake is to make it too small with to few herbs.
Pepper Nuts - Cookies
Pepper Nuts is a classic recipe with roots in the Middle Ages. With typical medieval spices. When a court has survived as long as it is not a coincidence. It is simple but good cakes that taste of July So it's not a recipe I made ??up. I have it from Jeanette, who has it from her grandmother, and now you have it too :-)
A delicious and crunchy nut pie. Very nice, both alone and as an accompaniment to ice cream or fruit.
Remonce filling - Lord Mayor filling - for danish pastry, "brunsviger", cinnamon buns etc.
Video recipe - It's time to bake and the cake just needs a finishing touch of something sweet. It's time to pull out the remonce. It is used for the danish cake "brunsviger", danish pastry, cinnamon buns, cake-man, pastries, almond kringle and cream buns. It's a very simple but necessary base recipe to know.
Raspberry marmalade - Strawberry marmalade
Raspberry and strawberry marmalade are made the same way. Actually you can use almost any type of fruit using this one recipe. It's the classic peasant's recipe. Pound for pound: "A pound of sugar to a pound of berries and boil to the right consistency." There are a few tricks worth knowing though.
Beansprouts - the worlds smallest veggie garden
Video recipe - When beans sprouts it starts a lot og biological processes, that turns the hard and reather healthy beans into even healthier vegetables. Bean sprouts are good in salads and as a filler in soups or asian food. The sprouts you buy in the supermarket are often a bit bitter and has a taste of dirt. If you grow your own you can eat them before the taste turns dirt-like and bitter. They actually taste a lot more like fresh green peas.
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Toll House cookies)
Without a doubt the Americans' greatest contribution to the culinary arts :-) Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is the "original" American recipe. It's also known from an episode of "Friends." It's only the filling I've changed a little bit, in order to suit my own taste buds better.
Meatballs in curry sauce
Video recipe - Simple, quick and ... delicious. All right. In my family there is, some ambiguity about that. But for us Danes in our forties, it was one of the first "exotic" foods we got. Curry and rice. Just how foreign could food get? Well ... we are fortunately a lot wiser now, but pork meatballs in curry sauce keeps hanging on and is still a favorite. Even among some individuals in the younger generations.
Bread Baking Technique #3 - Classification of bread
Bread can be divided into several categories. As soon as you know them, it's easy to see a new recipe and say "ah that's this kind of bread." Which makes it easier to adapt any recipe for your own taste.
Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce
A powerful and tasty pepper sauce. It has a beautiful rich color and can be used for almost all dishes where you would otherwise use tomato sauce. I have two versions of the same recipe here. The basic sauce is fine in itself and has a stronger pepper flavor. The creamy is more luxurious and delicious.
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